InList Brings VIP Treatment To The Average Consumer

As a reply to the article made by the Elite Traveler:

Only this isn’t SoBe, and Capponi isn’t standing in any outdated derelict building. This is a derelict constructing in 1 of the most derelict nations in the planet: Haiti. What was he thinking!

That’s not all. This is no hedonistic SoBe task to develop a club area for a few hundred people to drink and dance all night long. Capponi’s new mission entails repairing up a complete city if not the entire nation.


Michael Capponi has lived a fast and successful life since the age of 19. Gideon Kimbrell has a passion for software. Their app Inlist enables travelers to arrange VIP tables and treatment at nightclubs all over.

Michael really believes in this app and thinks it will solve the problem of not being able to get VIP treatment without knowing the doorman or the owner personally. It’s a good way to bring VIP treatment to the people in a easily accessible way. He compared it to Uber, the freelance driver app, and he’s right, InList does act as a useful middleman to help both the clubs and patrons to have a better nightlife experience.

InList looks like a new modern approach to increase event accessibility and exposure. It sounds like a great way to avoid the intimidating process of trying to get VIP treatment when you’re an unknown.