Top Picks Of Mobile App Trends

Content taken from a post from Usabilla:

Imaginative Scrolling.  Gone are the times of clicking button soon after button to move among web pages  particularly on mobile. Your customers have gotten comfortable with the notion of parallax scrolling and how simple it is to get from one website page to yet another. And with the phablet development nonetheless flourishing, there’s even a lot more likely to get imaginative with your scrolling and stand out among the group.

Mobile apps have become widely used. Among the common uses of mobile apps is getting the day started. However, there are a few trends that are really worth checking out. These trends stand out from among the others according to a Mogul‘s post.

One thing that is expected to occur with smartphones is that the screen sizes are going to keep expanding. With the iPhone 6 and Plus, the screens are getting bigger and bigger. There are phones with screens that are almost the size of tablets. This allows for easier reading and usage than with the smaller phones. Other trends that are on going in the mobile app industry are magical micro-interactions, creative scrolling, blank space, and wearable technology. Wearable technology is another one of these trending items that are making the waves because of the convenience that they bring to the user. Mobile technology is making a big splash in the industry of electronics.